Question: Is there an age limit/requirement to enter either Haunted Attraction?
Answer: There is no age limit or requirement. It is solely the parents decision. Both attractions are very extreme and push the envelope in surprise and in gore. I always say it depends on the kid. Some love it and never miss a year and others won’t enter the door.

Question: How long does it take to go through either attraction?
Answer: On average 7 to 9 minutes depending on how fast you walk.

Question: How do I volunteer to scare or work for Bloody Bill?
Answer:Volunteer meetings are held late September and early October to find new crops of actors. Meeting times are posted on the BloodyBill.com facebook page or BloodyBill.com itself.

Question: How long has the attractions been in operation?
Answer: Def Con 1 was started in 1998 at the same location. Circus of the Dead was started in 2005 in the Music City mall parking lot. Moved to 2nd Street in 2006.

Question: Are old souvenirs available?
Answer: Yes, there are lots of older posters laying around and a handful of t-shirts. Keep an eye out for our online store coming soon!

Question: Will Bloody Bill exchange human meat for tickets?
Answer: Varies.