Defcon Transcript

Twelve years have passed since the inauspicious closing of seventeen military facilities based across the U.S. At the time, the closings were attributed to a sluggish economy, and a shift in the country’s focus away from a bloated military budget. In some cases, the more naive have been led to believe we were simply transforming into a kinder, gentler nation. What you are about to read was recently uncovered by my employer and verified through numerous independent and government sources. In 1993, the Senate and House passed the infamous bill that, on paper, officially shut down seventeen bases.  But, in reality there were eighteen that fell victim to what they called “fiscal necessity”. The existence of that eighteenth government property was never presented to any legitimate appropriations-committee at any open budget meetings. Something terrible happened in that place, or perhaps someone came too close to uncovering the horrible truth. In actuality, according to sources,  there was panic in the “inner circle” right before the closings occurred. Someone with great influence, under a smoke screen of base closings, coordinated a massive exodus of personnel with sensitive documents and equipment out of the West Texas area. Few top officials had firsthand knowledge of this particular facility, of which, one source cited as a failed experiment: an experiment that unlawfully merged the limitless military resources of the Defense department with the enterprising greed of a clandestine corporate entity. Both invested billions of research dollars into the complex, the pentagon secretly christened, Project DEFCON 1.

  Anonymous sources began leaking bits of classified information to the Washington Press Corp. New and more fantastic rumors surfaced each day. The time for damage control had arrived, and the powers that be deemed appropriate measures be taken to stem the tide of unwanted publicity. In an effort to deter curious locals from getting too close to the truth, governmental officials have gone so far as to post signs around the structure warning of possible live munitions and biohazards. From the exterior, the property formerly known as DEFCON 1, appears to be a simple cinderblock warehouse sitting on a few acres of desert.  Many think they have come close to finding the truth about what lies behind Defcon’s thick iron doors.  They have even spun stories of death rattle moans resonating from within. I believe the iron doors were not placed there to protect what was left behind but, rather to protect the population of West Texas from the evil which inhabits the base.

 We know the end of DEFCON 1 came in 1993 but, information of its birth is still unknown. Curiously, my sources, who once worked at DEFCON 1, either did not know or refused to speculate on the opening date.  But, one guessed it was during the time of the Nixon presidency. A surprising fact is during this time, from 1969 to 1993, the rate of unsolved disappearances in Midland/Odessa rose over 800% from previous years, and then dropped again after 1993. A link between those missing souls and DEFCON exists but, the government wishes to dispose of the truth by placating its citizens with, of all things, a limited tour of the facility during Halloween; thus, turning a serious matter into a dangerous sideshow.

  I spoke with only one individual who would allow me to use his name.  He was retired special forces officer, and DEFCON head of security, Capt. Dick “The Buzzsaw” Rathbone, who consequently disappeared shortly after divulging information about his former command. Capt. Rathbone, who had top governmental clearance, remarked,  ” I knew every inch of that S.O.B. like I knew my own Gomer Pyles”.  He spoke with a southern draw and gritty tone and slowly, but directly, explained to me that, “If the arrogant fools in D.C. go through with this damned tour idea, they are inviting civilians to take a leisurely stroll through a place from which they will not return. Public hysteria will ensue and the blood will flow! Maybe they just need some fresh specimens ? F.U.B.A.R !!!” Shocked by such a statement, I posed the question, “What reason was there to be so fearful of an old abandoned building, and what do you mean by specimens ??”  And in that moment, the 6’4″ brick house of a warrior, named by other warriors “The Buzzsaw”, turned pale and began to sweat buckets. He then, in a soft childlike whisper, said ” Abandoned by us, not them. Those we took from their families and sent to hell have come back and will have their revenge. We are all going to die”.  The Capt. then took a puff from his cheap cigar, stared right through me towards the exit, got up, and bid me a “good night” for the last time. The meeting with Capt. Rathbone lasted only three minutes but told volumes.

The next morning my office received a large, unmarked envelope containing documents that prove the existence of an ongoing cover-up.  On page 33, section C, paragraph 2, it is written, ” Although the project is contained, a malevolent force of reanimated human subjects still exists and resides within the perimeter.”  This one sentence is the very essence of the cover up.  Something void of humanity is being housed in this governmental facility and being kept alive by your tax dollars for some unfathomable purpose.